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Johnny Munster

9 Aug

Johnny Munster is the model that helped me carry out my Bjork shoot. She’s awesome to work with, incredible at what she does, and a cool person! We drank wine on the beach and took some stunning photos. I’ve only finished a couple of them, so here they are.

Natural light with reflector. I brought my strobe, but of course I forgot the battery, so we had to make do with the sun. Not so bad, but the dramatic sunset photos that I wanted to capture were impossible. Oh well!

Both versions of the photo are shown. More to come soon!

I also updated my website, so check it out at





2 Aug

This week I’ve had tons of shoots, two of which I’m super stoked about… Johnny Munster and Hamilton Hill. Hamilton and I did a cool shoot on top of a building in downtown St. Pete, dramatic skies, awesome location, all around great stuff. Johnny helped me pull off my Bjork shoot and then we went down to Passe-a-Grille Beach and did some fashion/beauty stuff. She’s just gorgeous and really good at what she does.
Well, I just wanted to check in. Photos to come from both shoots. Here are some unedited sky photos and outtakes from the Johnny Munster shoot…