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More Johnny Munster

17 Sep

Here are a few more Johnny Munster photos. The black and white photos were taken with a Mamiya 645 Super, my medium format film camera. I used Ilford ISO 200 film.

For light in the outdoor beach shots, it was just before sunset and we simply used a reflector. I forgot to bring the battery pack for my strobes so I had to just go au naturel. The light for the first photo was a strobe to Johnny’s right, with a black card to deepen the shadows on her left. I stood on a chair and shot downward. I owe many thanks to Johnny for being open to my crazy ideas.
We shot at Passe A Grille Beach, with makeup artist Jessica Scott. We laid out a blanket, drank some wine, and enjoyed the sunset while taking lots of gorgeous photos!

I am going to create some tutorials coming soon, so stay tuned. Just a few simple things like Photoshop tricks and stuff like that.

Also, I’d just like to get personal and say that despite the fact that things aren’t going great in my personal life right now, photography and making art have really kept me grounded and I don’t know where I would be without them. Even when the people in your life hurt you, art will always be there to save you and keep you strong.