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Heroes for Ghosts

14 Oct

I finally got a chance to use my new fog machine. This photo was conceived for the “Wish You Were Here” project that I just started working on. Marissa is one of my very dear friends, and we had just returned from an interesting day at Sam Ash Kapok Tree in Clearwater, where Yngwie Malmsteen had a concert and guitar signing.

I felt inspired when we got back to my house, the cool breeze was amazing and we stopped at a tiny little shack of a bar on the way home, so I really wanted to shoot something cool that night.

Marissa was a trooper for this one… I had the fog machine sitting at her waist, literally 6 inches from her body and shooting fog all over her face… we were both sweating profusely, but this photo turned out to be pretty stunning…

SB-900 flash tethered with a curly cord thingy, camera left. I was holding the flash up in the air, pointed down at Marissa with my left hand, while shooting with my right hand and bracing the camera against my left shoulder for stability… Joe McNally style! One of my friends just bought his book “The Hot Shoe Diaries: Big Light from Small Flashes.” ┬áNow I regret ever buying bulky strobes, because my compact little Nikon flashes can do everything the strobes can and MORE!

“Heroes for Ghosts”

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“Wish You Were Here” Series

3 Oct

Lately I have been missing some people in my life. People who have come and gone, people I haven’t seen in a long time, people who simply walked out, never looked back, down a long road that I will not travel…

Me and my friend Miguel were walking to get lunch last Saturday (FREE MUSEUM DAY!), in between museums on a beautifully sweaty afternoon, and he started singing “Wish You Were Here.” I joined in and before long we were walking down the street belting out the song together. And thus this series was born.

The first photograph is titled, “In a Fish Bowl.”