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News and events…

30 May

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve posted on this blog, but I have turned over a new blogging leaf, so I will be updating it more frequently. One reason is that I have a lot of exciting events and projects in the works, so there’s a lot to talk about. Please check out my new website at

First, I have an art show in August, called “Beast of the East”. The show is eastern-themed, and a whole group of amazing artists will be joining me, including Frank Strunk III, Palehorse, Bask, and many others. I am super excited to be involved in a show with so much talent, and I am cooking up some awesome stuff.

The second exciting project that I’ve been working on is called HUMANITY. Basically, my goal with this project is to bring other cultures to my area. I will be traveling to Honduras in August with Nick Hinckley after the “Beast of the East” show, and we will be filming and photographing a documentary on the people of Honduras. The idea is that there are some basic things that make us human; in particular food, art and music. We will be interviewing people and asking them to discuss these things, as well as their family, their hopes and their dreams. Anything that they are passionate about. I will also be taking still portraits of the people and their surroundings. When we return to the United States, we will present the images and video in an art gallery, and the goal is to help people here to find a common ground with people from other countries. We want everyone to see that we are not so different after all, despite the fact that we speak different languages and have a different sort of lifestyle.

The above photo is a clone image. I used a tripod and composited the images in Photoshop. It’s actually a lot easier than one might imagine.