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Fashion in Black and White

17 Oct

Just wanted to share some photos from a shoot I did recently with my lady Blackbird. Taken in an old warehouse near the police station. I used one light directly flush with the camera on the left. We had a big industrial fan and I brought my speakers so we could play music to make the entire experience that much more awesome. Me + awesome designer + 3 gorgeous models + music + fan = Best. Night. Ever.


Human Nature Shoot

6 Oct

A couple weekends ago I did a shoot at Ybor 1701 Studios with model Tara, makeup artist Carey Hinrichs, and Natalia Galbetti as my stylist/assistant. Natalia has a fashion blog that I recommend reading:

The main part of this shoot was nude, for my entry for the Juried Photography Show held by Central Art Supply at The Studio@620…

I lit the entire shoot with two medium soft boxes, one on the tree and one on Tara. Then behind the camera I had a round umbrella pretty much above my head.

The tree was someone else’s trash, which is usually a great way to find cool stuff. I was running with my dog when I came upon a huge pile of dead branches that were waiting to be hauled off to the dump, so not only am I perpetuating beauty with this rather graceful looking branch, I am also recycling!

I had the idea a few months ago to do something where humanity mimics nature, and I just had this vision of a really graceful looking tree with a nude woman following the curve of the branches. The nudity is not so much for sex appeal as it is for simplicity. I wanted natural.

The below photo is a sample from some of the extras I took once we let Tara put some clothes on again. I will share the photo for the juried show in due time.

I did very little editing on this photo because Carey did such a great job on makeup, and I did a pretty good job on lighting. Tara is wearing a dress made by Raven Reda of Dementa, from my own personal wardrobe. It is one of my favorite dresses because it is hand made out of 100 year old fabric that Raven found at a store in the Garment District in New York.