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Fashion in Black and White

17 Oct

Just wanted to share some photos from a shoot I did recently with my lady Blackbird. Taken in an old warehouse near the police station. I used one light directly flush with the camera on the left. We had a big industrial fan and I brought my speakers so we could play music to make the entire experience that much more awesome. Me + awesome designer + 3 gorgeous models + music + fan = Best. Night. Ever.



23 Jun

Inspiration can come from anywhere. The smell of night blooming jasmine as you’re walking down the street at dusk. A woman leaning pensively over a table, wearing red lipstick and no bra, maybe thinking about a lover or the one-night stand she had last night. Sweat on the brow of a man walking down the street, perturbed perhaps by a dreaded meeting, an unfaithful spouse, or a gambling debt. Watch people and they will tell you their story. I like to use these stories as inspiration for my art.

Facial expressions, color, light, pose. All of these things come together to make a work of art speak, whether it is a photo, a painting, or a sculpture. And if you craft an interesting story with all of these elements, and use your imagination to create a narrative, people will be curious, ask questions, and want more… this is the fabric of creativity. A stream of consciousness revealed, and then blended with our own imagination and then colored and sculpted and blasted onto a wall or a pedestal to either be rejected or loved. Either way I keep making art…

Iphone photos.