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Blackbird Photos

6 Aug

Here are the first set of photos from the shoot with Blackbird. All are lit with a softbox from the ceiling coming directly down. Key is an umbrella strobe camera right and forward. Fill is umbrella from left. I also lit the back wall to eliminate harsh shadows. This is a version of Rembrandt lighting style. In post process I added brush strokes to give the impression of an old Victorian-era oil painting.

Carey Hinrichs

Sierra Dawn

Eva Hinckley


Shooting Blackbird Style

2 Aug

On Sunday I did a shoot with the amazing Blackbird, a local designer with an edgy urban meets Victorian style. Our models were AJ Flame, Sierra Dawn, Carey Hinrichs and Eva Hinckley. Carey also did hair and makeup. Eva shot video of the makeup and getting ready. We were at the studio for nearly 5 hours. I used several different lighting techniques, which pretty much varied depending on pose and style of clothing/makeup.

AJ Flame took this behind the scenes photo.

We also did the shoot for a piece I’m working on for a show in September at The Bricks in Ybor City, called “Time Warp”. The concept of the show is to reproduce masterpiece artworks by master artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, etc. I chose Gustav Klimt, who just so happens to be one of my favorite artists. I will reveal the final piece and the title of the work that I chose as inspiration on the day of the art show. It looks amazing… AJ Flame was my model and she is PERFECT. For so many reasons, but especially for this concept. Blackbird was instrumental in making this piece come together. Her vision made this work soar to a level far beyond what I could have done by myself, so I am really happy that we collaborated. The entire thing was absolutely serendipitous. Long story. Let’s just say that we were both in the right place at the EXACT right moment.

Sierra Dawn took this photo of me shooting Carey Hinrichs.

We had music playing all night, a little bit of wine and fruit and veggies just to keep everyone fairly happy and not starving out of their minds. It was an awesome shoot, with beautiful clothes and jewels all over the place! We definitely made use of all the space that was available, and everyone pitched in whenever an extra hand was needed. I love a good team who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and who love the creative process enough to do whatever it takes to make a shoot successful. Amazing photos are always the result of great teamwork, so we all deserve the beautiful shots that are going to come out of this one. I will post the results soon.

New Photoshop Painting Technique

26 Jul

I just learned a new Photoshop technique where you literally paint on the photo with these cool watercolor brushes. It adds a lot of amazing texture and gives me yet another tool in my Photoshop arsenal. The possibilities are endless! Below is an example of how I have spent most of the last few hours 🙂 Actually, this is what I spend most of my time doing – learning new photography and Photoshop techniques so that I can improve my craft. I consider learning to be a part of my job, and I truly believe that everyone should. Our ability and willingness to learn can be one of our greatest assets in life.

This photo is from the same shoot that I used to create the stop motion. The lighting was simple – just a large shoot through umbrella camera right and modeling lamp camera left for fill.