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Communion Editorial Shoot

4 Mar

We recently launched the fashion editorial section of New Roots News, a local community-driven online news source, and here is the link to the first fashion spread: Communion Editorial

The shoot took place at the Roosevelt 2.0 in Ybor City, a phenomenal venue with loads of interesting props for photo sets. I created a set on the second floor of the building, with a ton of odds and ends that I found in the storage closet in the back of the venue.

Everything you see in the set, I found in various places throughout the building. The gigantic mesh brain sculpture, located on the left of the photos, was my favorite object. This place is a photographer’s dream come true!



Sade “Soldier of Love” album cover

2 Feb

For The Bricks art show called “Photo Album”, each artist was to recreate an album cover of their choice as a photograph. Just up my alley. I jumped at Sade’s Soldier of Love. It’s so beautiful.

My image contains a couple elements composited together. I took a photo of Tasha against a simple blank wall, cut her out with the pen tool, and pulled that cutout onto an image of a beautiful port village in Vietnam. Then I overlaid some texture and a vignette with the burn tool, added some depth to the sky, and added the little black bird as a composite as well. Pretty simple, but it does take a little while because of all the precision cutting around the edges of the images.

“Communion” Portraits

16 Jan

In December, I photographed Joanna Coblentz’s fashion line for the show, “Communion,” which featured photographs by Chloe Reyes and a fashion show by Coblentz. Before the show, I took some great shots in a set that I built on the second floor of the Roosevelt 2.o in Ybor City, where the show was held. The set was really cool, complete with window frames hanging from the ceiling. Right now I’m working on getting those photos published, so they are still in hiding until further notice.

After the show, I took some quick portraits of the models in a really challenging lighting situation. I just wanted to share my way of working around this challenging light.

The whole place was pretty dark, except for some track lighting pointed at the artwork and a clamp desk lamp with bendable neck that happened to be right behind me. So I had the models stand so that the track lighting bounced off the wall onto the right side of their faces for fill light, and I just pointed the clamp desk light directly at their face for a key light. Of course, having a 50mm l.4 lens on my Canon 7D helped a lot with this darkness. I stopped all the way down to 1.4 and shot away. Results below. Notice the beautiful bokeh in the background.

Model: Blake Smith

Model: Jess Lytle

Model: Tasha Chamberlain

Model: Mai Dang

Stop Motion

16 Dec

During a shoot with Blackbird’s designs and model Julie Anna Cole, who can contort and stretch her body in the most unusual and graceful poses, we decided to do an impromptu stop motion. Julie’s body and movements just lend themselves to a super cool stop motion video. So here it is. We had a fan blowing at Julie to make the long scarf material flow around her a bit, and a single light camera left. I was hanging out the window of the old warehouse where we were shooting. Even my 24mm wasn’t a wide enough lens, so I practically fell out of this 2 story window to get these shots. Totally worth it.

See more of my recent work at www.nikkidevereux.com

Fashion in Black and White

17 Oct

Just wanted to share some photos from a shoot I did recently with my lady Blackbird. Taken in an old warehouse near the police station. I used one light directly flush with the camera on the left. We had a big industrial fan and I brought my speakers so we could play music to make the entire experience that much more awesome. Me + awesome designer + 3 gorgeous models + music + fan = Best. Night. Ever.

Human Nature Shoot

6 Oct

A couple weekends ago I did a shoot at Ybor 1701 Studios with model Tara, makeup artist Carey Hinrichs, and Natalia Galbetti as my stylist/assistant. Natalia has a fashion blog that I recommend reading: http://www.fashionablylateblog.com/.

The main part of this shoot was nude, for my entry for the Juried Photography Show held by Central Art Supply at The Studio@620…

I lit the entire shoot with two medium soft boxes, one on the tree and one on Tara. Then behind the camera I had a round umbrella pretty much above my head.

The tree was someone else’s trash, which is usually a great way to find cool stuff. I was running with my dog when I came upon a huge pile of dead branches that were waiting to be hauled off to the dump, so not only am I perpetuating beauty with this rather graceful looking branch, I am also recycling!

I had the idea a few months ago to do something where humanity mimics nature, and I just had this vision of a really graceful looking tree with a nude woman following the curve of the branches. The nudity is not so much for sex appeal as it is for simplicity. I wanted natural.

The below photo is a sample from some of the extras I took once we let Tara put some clothes on again. I will share the photo for the juried show in due time.

I did very little editing on this photo because Carey did such a great job on makeup, and I did a pretty good job on lighting. Tara is wearing a dress made by Raven Reda of Dementa, from my own personal wardrobe. It is one of my favorite dresses because it is hand made out of 100 year old fabric that Raven found at a store in the Garment District in New York.

New Model – Guianna

29 Sep

I am currently in the process of finishing up some pieces for a juried art show, and my concept involved nudity. It was difficult finding models to pose nude, as is expected, so one night I was at Cafe Bohemia to see some local music and I found her: Guianna Brantley. She has the most beautiful skin, a big gorgeous head of kinky afro hair, and the biggest whitest smile I’ve ever seen. And she was super excited to do the shoot and wanted to get started immediately. So I called up trusty little Blackbird and we arranged a last-minute shoot in an awesome run down old building.

Blackbird did makeup and styled the whole shoot. For the nudes, we didn’t need much styling, but below are some photos with Blackbird’s designs. I had a floor lamp and one modeling lamp. And a diffuser. That’s it. We made use of a really dark, stuffy closet to do all these shots. We were sweating profusely because there was no air conditioning – or air flow at all for that matter, but this place is a photographer’s dream. Any artist’s dream! So many cool old things and places to explore.